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In-Vehicle Storage Systems


  • 2000lb PAYLOAD
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Steel subframe

DECKED is built on a galvanized steel subframe co-molded to High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) More Info

The Right Tool for the Job

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Minimal Vehicle Impact

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Increase Worker Productivity

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Decked for Cargo Vans

With a 2000 lb system payload and a 200 lb payload rating per drawer, DECKED enhances fleet vehicle functionality and work efficiency. It’s the right tool for the job.

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Customize your System

DECKED accessories allow operators to upfit their DECKED systems to meet the challenge of every job. Maximize ergonomics, organization, and cargo storage efficiency with our full selection of options.

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Work Vehicle Ergonomics

Workplace injuries are common around fleet trucks and cargo vans not equipped with good ergonomics. This white paper, prepared by a third party human factors expert, studies how toolbox solutions like DECKED are shown to save time and money.

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DECKED offers a solution to the inefficiency of accessing, moving and organizing tools and materials at the job site. Good ergonomic behavior is supported, and with a 2000 lb payload on the deck, operators get full use of the vehicle’s bed while still being to store and organize 200 lbs of tools and other necessities in each full bed length drawer. Enhance the productivity and efficiency of work trucks and cargo vans with DECKED.

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